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Airplane Simulator Games:
Another Way To Fly

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Final Approach

Flying is a fantasy for most of us. We’re like Snoopy… going after the Red Baron in our minds. We lay on top of our “little dog house,” gaze into the sky and dream. With today’s flying simulators you can use your computer to escape your earth-bound existence and experience life-like flying you’ve only dreamed about.

Realism Is The Main Thing In Simulated Flying

jet simulator cockpit HomeImagine (oh, wait… that’s what Snoopy does). Snoopy never heard of airplane simulator games. He has to imagine. You don’t have to because you are looking at your instrument panel on your computer screen. The gauges and needles respond to your touch of the controls.

Out the cockpit window you see the skyline of the city. The runway is before you. What time is it? If it’s noon the sun is high in the sky. If it’s night the moon and the stars are where they should be.

The weather is whatever you have chosen… a clear day for a leisurely flight or threatening storms to test your skills in bad weather. That’s the magic of flight simulation software.

Checklist complete… Cleared for take-off. As you advance the throttle, you hear the engines rev, you see movement out the windows and your aircraft begins to move down the runway, the plane begins to lift and you are airborne.

Take a moment to enjoy the flight and celebrate your first successful take-off because soon you will face your next challenge… getting this thing back on the ground, hopefully at the airport and preferably in one piece.

Do You Have The Right Stuff?

flight simulation games HomeThe best airplane simulator games today are sophisticated enough to satisfy pilots, student pilots, wannabe pilots and gamers alike. Advances in graphics technology in recent years have brought a degree of realism to airplanes games never before possible.

Obviously we’re not talking here about a multimillion-dollar electromechanical jet simulator used by airlines to train their pilots. We are talking about flight simulation games software that can be installed on your personal computer.

No Additional Hardware Required

The only flight control devices needed to fly most flight simulators is a keyboard and mouse which you already have. Therefore, your initial investment to get started is very reasonable and affordable. Additional flight control devices can be added later that will add to your enjoyment and more accurately simulate the feel of the controls and the aircraft’s response.

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But Don’t Rule Out Adding Hardware

You can add a flight simulator yoke which will control the ailerons (roll) and elevators (pitch), foot pedals to control the rudder (yaw), and a throttle to control the engine speed. Some airplane simulator games enthusiasts go so far as to build a life-size replica of an airplane cockpit in their home with all of these controls and more. The main thing you need to know is that you don’t have to go to this extreme to enjoy airplane games but you can if you want. The software is already designed to accommodate many add-on hardware controls available in the marketplace.

Can I Do This?

The short answer is, “Of course you can!” The challenge presented in learning to fly these modern day airplane simulator games is very much like the preparation and learning required to become a pilot. In fact, some professional flight training schools use these jet simulator games in their flight training programs.

You will be challenged. It takes time to learn the basics and even more time to get good at it… just like learning to fly. That’s why we say a good airplane simulator is realistic and life-like. But the good news is you’re not going to crash and burn.

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